What is Creative Element?

What is it that makes someone creative? What makes one designer better than the other? Creative Element is a production company specializing in film production, music video production, photography, web videos and many other forms of media. We thrive to bring you the most innovative content using some of the most advanced technologies, techniques and creative skills available.  When it comes to impressions, the first is always the most important.

At Creative Element we believe the ability to visualize before starting development is crucial. We sit down and analyze every aspect of a project before making any decisions. Our goal is to make the process of planning, developing and deploying your content as streamlined as possible. What we call the “wow” factor can only be achieved through planning and creative intuitiveness. We see every project through from beginning to end, from pre-production all the way into post.

Our Vision

Our commitment to our clients as partners in production is without equal. We put as much effort as possible into every project and will do whatever it takes to make sure that each production is a success. Because of our love for film, many of our videos have the same characteristics and aesthetic qualities. We create engaging content by using a combination of fast cuts, dynamic shots and various angles that will captivate your audience.

Our creative approach for each project is to start with the story and what is to be told visually. Once a script is finalized, we use it as a blueprint to begin the pre-production process. We then shift our focus to very important elements of production such as set design, location scouting, lighting and visual style. Last but not least we discuss casting, choreography, props, vehicles and a shooting schedule.

Our Commitment

We believe each project is unique and is defined by its creative approach toward innovation. Creative Element is constantly trying to push the envelope, raise the bar and we strive to give each production that rare dynamic quality. Our experienced and dedicated creative team allows us to reach our maximum potential. We are proud of our work, and it shows through the dedication and passion each member puts into their work everyday.

Project Turnaround

Once all content is shot and approved, the editing and post-production is then started, completed and sent back to the client within 1 day up to 2 weeks or more. Editing is started the day after all content has been approved.

Innovative Ideas

We use innovative ideas and techniques to push the envelope and create the most effective and dynamic content possible. Why settle for another run-of-the-mill video? We are focused on creating groundbreaking and original content.

Advanced Technology

We use the most advanced and up-to-date technology available to us. Our team of creative professionals are experts in every right, from software to hardware. It takes the right combination of equipment to get the job done.

Clear Communication

We believe communication is one of the most important factors in quality video production. We keep you involved in every aspect of the production process, from pre-production all the way into post. It is important for everyone to be on the same page.

Lets Get Creative!

Are you ready to bring your content to the next level? If your interested in working together, shoot us an e-mail with some information on your upcoming project. Don’t be shy! Please, contact us if you have any questions!

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